Ding Liren is one of the most accomplished Chinese chess grandmasters of all time and he is the highest rated Chinese chess player in history. Nowadays he is playing the 2023 World Chess Championship.

This FREE ebook contains a collection of puzzles from Ding Liren's games, allowing you to practice your tactical skills using examples from one of the world's best players. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these puzzles are a great way to challenge yourself.

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Practical training is vital in chess. And tactics are really important for chess player's development.

Coaches say it

"Tactics is almost undoubtely the most productive single area improve..."

NM & coach Dan Heisman

GMs say it

"... it is safe to conclude that tactics have a high priority if you want to score points"

GM Axel Smith & GM Hans Tikkanen

World champions say it

"In chess, everything depends on tactics."

Tigran Petrosian Chess World Champion

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